We have the right equipment and experience for your Automatic Dialogue Replacement projects.  Using the latest tools such as Nuendo and an extensive microphone closet (including wireless lavaliers), we can capture and match your sound quickly and deliver high quality files for you to drop into your latest project.

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Voice Over for Video, Film, and Demos

We have done hundreds of voice over demos.  Whether you have your producer behind the glass, or remote conference via skype, we can accommodate any environment.  We can even do the post production editing and mastering to deliver a final product if needed.

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Music Recording and Production

We have the latest software from Ableton (including Push), Native Instruments, Alturia, Vienna Instruments, Steinberg, Xfer, Synapse Audio, and others.  We also have an exclusive set of vintage and modern hardware.  You can record crystal clear vocals, instruments, or create a sound design dream, all in the same session.

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About Stoneman Studios

Stoneman Studios is a California Corporation located in Milpitas, California (seen above). The studio is in a beautiful area next to the Milpitas hills.

We have over 900 square feet of space with a large and roomy control room featuring the awesome Sony DMX-R100 Console, Nuendo and Pro Tools DAWs, very high end outboard equipment including Mytek and Crane Song converters, and the best effects available.  Two recording rooms are available. One has a great isolation room with video feeds and is fully set up for ADR or backup vocals.

We have a full high-end microphone closet, including, Neumann U87, Soundelux ELUX 251, Earthworks QTC-1 (MP), Shure, Sennheiser, CAD, Groove Tubes, and the best preamps, including, GML, Avalon, API, and Martech.

Services include Recording/Tracking. Post Production, ADR, Voice Overs, Videos, Film, Podcasts, Music Recording and Production, Commercials, Arrangements, and Field Recording.

We have a good recent customer list and are affiliated with a new music portal launching this Fall called SuperCoolTunes.

More than anything, we are dedicated to working with you and helping you to produce audio that will sound better and more professional than you may have imagined. We pride ourselves on the best quality at great prices.

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