New Gear!

Crane Song HEDD 192

HEDD, short for harmonically enhanced digital device, is a technological breakthrough in signal processing. HEDD is engineered to be musically transparent while providing the capability of generating tube/analog sounds in the digital domain. HEDD gives any user who works with digital the ability to sound less digital and more analog.

For mixing and mastering, the HEDD adds that extra Mojo or acts like the glue for the mix. We absolutely love it.

Sennheiser e-908D Drum Microphones

These microphones were especially designed for drums and percussion. They are professional pre-polarized condenser microphones. An extended dynamic range and a well balanced frequency response deliver an outstanding signal quality with excellent projection and the lowest possible distortion. An excellent directivity across the whole frequency range enables the mics to handle the highest signal levels without feedback.

Eventide H8000 Effects Processor

Eventide's latest flagship multi-effects processor offers a smorgasbord of both standard and exotic effects. Everything from some of the best reverbs you will ever hear to the wildest pitch shifting and sound effects emits from this box with very little effort.

The H8000 is chock full of the best post-production effects, including CB Radio, Cellular Phone, Long Distance, Random Dialer, Off Hook, Traffic Report, Megaphone, Public Address, Airplane Background, Jet Flybys, Tank Attack, Mortar Shells, TV In the Next Room. Also included are eight precision delays for multichannel video post applications, and tools specifically designed to facilitate 5.1 frame rate conversion and its associated problem of pitch correction, along with a dedicated channel for time code delay.

This unit is nothing short of stunning. This "Holy Grail" of processors is truly the heart of the Stoneman Studios control room. There isn't anything like it anywhere and it's available for your next project. When used in tandem with our T.C. Electronics FireworX and M3000 processors, your possibilities are quite literally endless.