Console - Sony DMX-R100
This well-proven multifunctional mixer sounds amazing. These are found in major studios around the world and Stoneman Studios is proud to have one as our centerpiece console.
The Stoneman Studios microphone closet includes the best models from Neumann, Soundelux, Earthworks, and others.
Studio S
Our main studio is a 25' X 25' sound conditioned space featuring two isolation booths and a great vibe. Close proximity to the composition and control rooms ensures quick access to whatever you may need during a creative burst. We are down the hall from a wonderful gallery space should you need inspiration. A kitchen is also available.
Vintage and one-of-a-kind equipment
Our collection of vintage compressors is there for one reason - to give you that sound you can'tget any other way. Awesome pieces from Collins, Urei, and Universal Audio compliment our full outboard fleet of processors.