Spearheaded by the award winning composition and performance of Tom Stoneman, this is a team you can rely on to produce quality under any circumstances.
Driven by experience and passion, our team of engineers and technicians will far exceed your expectations.
A strong pool of seasoned and talented musicians and voice over talent form the core of this amazing team.

Stoneman Studios specializes in projects requiring lots of creativity, skill, and ingenuity. We are new but the team and partners have a long history of successfully servicing many industries including, video, film, games, new music, chamber music, television, and corporate. We are heavily entrenched in the technology industry and have strong roots in old school techniques and styles with lots of experience creating music for today. By the way, we can rock you with adrenelin-fueled in-your-face metal too.

We believe strongly in the importance of using talented live musicians in tandem with today's incredible synthesized production tools. You get the burger AND the bun!

We have established relationships and partnerships with some fantastic companies that we feel best compliment our services. Visit these sites to learn more: