About Stoneman Studios

Stoneman Studios is a California Corporation located in Milpitas, California (seen above). The studio is in a beautiful area next to the Milpitas hills. 

We have over 900 square feet of space with a large and roomy control room featuring the awesome Sony DMX-R100 Console, Nuendo and Pro Tools DAWs, very high end outboard equipment including Mytek and Crane Song converters, and the best effects available.  Two recording rooms are available. One has a great isolation room with video feeds and is fully set up for ADR or backup vocals. 

We have a full high-end microphone closet, including, Neumann U87, Soundelux ELUX 251, Earthworks QTC-1 (MP), Shure, Sennheiser, CAD, Groove Tubes, and the best preamps, including, GML, Avalon, API, and Martech.

Services include Recording/Tracking. Post Production, ADR, Voice Overs, Videos, Film, Podcasts, Music Recording and Production, Commercials, Arrangements, and Field Recording.

We have a good recent customer list and are affiliated with a new music portal launching this Fall called SuperCoolTunes.

More than anything, we are dedicated to working with you and helping you to produce audio that will sound better and more professional than you may have imagined. We pride ourselves on the best quality at great prices.

Music, by John Vak

Scoring And Production
Spearheaded by the award winning composition and arrangements of Tom Stoneman, we have capabilities to produce quality music for any type of project.

We have direct experience with commercials, classical, orchestral and jazz arrangements, brass ensembles and bands, and original hip hop beats.

Jazz Band, by John Vak

Driven by experience and passion, we strive to exceed your expectations. Stoneman Studios carries the best recording and production equipment run by experienced engineers and technicians. We are perfectly aligned to meet any requirements.

Tom Stoneman

A strong pool of seasoned and talented musicians and voice over talent from around the country form the core of the Stoneman Studios team. We have knowledeable sales people to help you get started and work with you throughout your project.

We are partnered with studios such as Ladkau Music and Recording in Chesapeake, Virginia to give you access to live brass ensembles, overnight orchestral instrument recordings for overdubs and tracking, and live drum recording. We also have a very talented content and marketing manager to help you with creating CD and DVD insert copy and web site creation.

* Paintings by John Vak - available for personal viewing in the Control Room